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The device we are going to test today has been released quite recently but has already gathered a lot of positive reports from hardware reviewers and ordinary users. It is a single-disk Network Attached Storage from QNAP called TS-109 Pro II.

Some users think that a single-disk NAS is quite enough for storing critical data provided that you make regular backups to an external disk or workstation. There are actually very few home multi-disk NASes that show a considerable performance growth if you use RAID0. So, although hard disks are getting cheaper and cheaper, and single-disk and dual-disk NASes of similar functionality do not differ much in price, single-disk NASes still enjoy stable demand. The TS-109 Pro II model we are going to test today is likely to enjoy it as well due to its rich functionality and appealing hardware properties.

Thinking about an opponent to QNAP’s device, we stopped at models from Synology two of which had visited our labs before. We didn’t have the single-disk model at hand and took the dual-disk DS207+. Comparing the specs of the DS207+, DS107+ and TS-109Pro II, we found that the NASes from Synology differ but little from each other functionally whereas the NAS from QNAP is even superior to them in some hardware characteristics (the amount and type of system memory). That’s why the TS-109Pro II is compared with the DS207+ in this review so that you could see the difference in their functionality and performance. We are going to add to the results in the future by testing a dual-disk NAS from QNAP.

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