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Synology rolls out new Network Attached Storage devices each passing year, indicating this in its product nomenclature: the last two numerals in a model name stand for the model year. This is good for the company’s image as each new customer is offered the most cutting-edge solution, but as a matter of fact, even 2-year-old products from Synology can cope with today’s applications just fine, regular firmware updates keeping them refreshed.

Synology’s j-indexed models are positioned as low-end solutions with limited hardware configurations. They have less system memory, slower processors and fewer expansion ports than their more advanced counterparts.

On the other hand, the two models we are going to discuss in this review are far more interesting than the top-of-the-line NASes of some three years ago. For example, the DS410j has a higher processor frequency than the CS-407, the rest of their parameters being the same. If a user has a positive experience of running an older NAS from Synology, he can easily transition to the newer ones.

The DS210j and DS410j models are the low-end offerings for the current year.

Package and Accessories

The box contains the things you might expect to find in it, namely a NAS, an external power adapter with cord (12V/5.83A for the DS210j and 12V/8.33A for the DS410j), an Ethernet cable, HDD fasteners, documentation, and a CD with software.

All of this is packed into modest-looking cardboard boxes covered with fragments of technical specs and model names.

The full user manuals are written to the CD in PDF format. The CD also carries the DSAssistant utility that can find Synology’s NASes on the network and install firmware on them. The utility is provided in versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. There is also Download Replicator (Windows and Mac OS) for working with the integrated download station and Data Replicator (Windows only) for backing up files.

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