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Design and Functionality

The design of the new wireless adapter from TRENDnet has not gone far from the previous models of such adapters from the same firm. It is in fact the same except for some minor details. The device has a large blue case with straight outline. It looks like an enlarged copy of some flash drive.

There is a small detail near the place where the case meets the protective cap of the USB connector. It looks like some button, but actually it is an indicator of the adapter’s activity. It is black and opaque when inactive. It shines in orange when the adapter is turned on and blinking when the adapter is exchanging data.

Another special feature of the TEW-624UB is that it has vent holes in the sides of the case. This USB adapter gets rather hot at work, so these holes are quite appropriate here.

You can carry the device in your pocket or hang it on your neck. There is a special hole in the case for a neck strap but you have to find the strap separately as it is not included into the kit.

Now that we’ve looked at the TEW-624UB from each side, it’s time to see what’s inside it. Its case can be parted in two along the surrounding seam by means of a knife or something:

The adapter’s PCB is fixed in the case with plastic holders and can be easily taken out of the open case. It has an ordinary size for such class of devices. The component mounting is dense, yet clever and neat. There are elements on both face and reverse sides of the PCB.

The LED of the adapter’s indicator is placed rather far from the opening in the case, and its light is transferred there via a rather long light pipe.

It’s not quite clear where the third antenna mentioned in the specs is. As you can see in photos, there are only two antennas here.


The adapter is based on Marvell’s TopDog chipset consisting of an 88W8362 MAC-controller and an 88W8060 RF-modulator. The latter is covered with a metallic screen.

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