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If we were to choose from the PSUs covered in this roundup, we’d select the Corsair TX650. It offers stable voltages, doesn’t produce too much noise (as opposed to the Corsair GS series which is similar in all other aspects), has high efficiency and is reasonably priced. Therefore, we are proud to award Corsair TX650 our Recommended Buy title:

If your budget is limited, you may want to take a closer look at the Chieftec CTG-650C and the 700-watt Cooler Master GX-Lite. The Chieftec features semi-modular design and doesn’t look cheap. However, the Cooler Master costs less, offers higher efficiency and higher load capacity (especially for the +12V rail), and works quieter at medium and high loads.

Corsair’s GS series have unique exterior design and highlighting (one color with the GS600 model and three colors with the GS700). They are comparable to the TX650 model in electrical parameters (they are all based on the same hardware platform, after all) but inferior to the latter in acoustic comfort at medium and high loads. We guess this makes them less preferable for users who value quiet computers.

Cooler Master’s junior GX-Lite models, the Corsair CX600 V2 and the Zalman PSU turned out to be outsiders in our today's test session. These are the only PSUs in this roundup to have no dedicated voltage regulation.

The junior models of the Cooler Master GX-Lite series may only compete against other products in the same price range but not against the PSUs we’ve tested today.

The Corsair CX600 V2 is meant for PC integrators and seems to be overpriced. Its CWT-branded cousin is considerably less expensive. It has the lowest load capacity of the +12V rail among the 600W products in this roundup and is rather noisy at high loads.

Unfortunately, the Zalman ZM700-GT is let down by its inadequate fan regulation algorithm. Being among the most expensive PSUs in this roundup, it is exceedingly noisy.

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