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FSP FSP300-60GHS Power Supply (300W)

Of course, a system case like the SilverStone Sugo SG06 needs a high-wattage power supply. After all, it is the only product in this review to support dual-slot graphics cards and a CPU with rather large cooler. The wattage of 300W is only high by the standards of mini-ITX. Owners of larger system cases can hardly be impressed with that number.

The power supply follows one variant of the SFX form-factor that resembles a full-size ATX power supply zoomed in to 200%. Such power supplies can occasionally be found in shops, so you can even replace it with a higher-wattage model. The FSP300-60GHS is the only compact PSU in this review to have a regular On/Off switch.

The SFX format suggests that a cooling fan (20 or even 25 millimeters thick) be installed outside the power supply. But here, the manufacturer did not use that opportunity, probably to permit the installation of rather large CPU coolers into the system case.

The interior design resembles a diminished ATX unit. There are three heatsinks that carry (from left to right): the power elements of active PFC, inverter’s transistors, and output diode packs. Take note that the last heatsink is not only screwed up to the external panel of the PSU but also has a layer of thermal grease there. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised that the case becomes too hot at work.

The real manufacturer of this power supply is FSP Group. Having a rated output power of 300W, this PSU can yield up to 264W via its +12V rail split into two virtual output lines.

It is equipped with the following cables and connectors:

  • Mainboard cable with a 20+4-pin connector (30cm)
  • CPU cable with a 4-pin connector (45cm)
  • Graphics card cable with one 6-pin connector (45cm)
  • One cable with one PATA and two SATA power plugs (30+19+9cm)
  • One cable with two PATA and one floppy-drive plug (30+19+19cm)

Like with Cooler Master’s power supply, the floppy-drive plug is only needed for a DVD drive with PATA interface (to connect a power adapter). We have no complaints about the selection of cables. Moreover, the native 6-pin graphics card connector is noteworthy.

The output voltages are stable enough. The +5V voltage sags under high load, but this should not be a problem in a modern PC where most of the load is on the +12V power rail.

The voltage ripple on the PSU’s low-voltage rails is close to the permissible limits at full load but does not go beyond them. The ripple is far within the acceptable limits on the +12V rail.

The PSU is over 85% efficient at the maximum and its efficiency does not sink as much under low loads as with the other power supplies discussed in this review. The power factor plummets at loads below 100W, down to 0.6.

The PSU is cooled by an 80x80x15mm fan from Protechnic Electric. It can be replaced if necessary. An 80x80x25mm fan can be installed on the outside of the PSU.

The fan speed depends on the PSU temperature. The fan starts at 1200rpm and reaches 2400rpm under full load. The PSU is not silent under real-life loads but quiet enough. Its noise spectrum is free from distinct high-frequency tones or buzzing and is rather agreeable to the ear.

The standby source is rated for a current up to 2.5A and copes with its job just fine.


The power supply bundled with the Sugo SG06 is absolutely adequate to the purpose of the system case as intended by its manufacturer: a super-compact home gaming PC. The FSP300-60GHS delivers the power necessary for a good graphics card and a robust CPU, being stable and rather quiet, especially under loads below 100W.

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