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Foxconn RS-224

The Foxconn RS-224 is yet another representative of the class of flat system cases. Foxconn actually offers a whole series of similar products differing with the numbers in their model names. For example, the RS-233 is identical to the RS-224 in everything save for the front panel.

The Foxconn RS-224 looks big in comparison with the Cooler Master Elite 100 even though it is about 2 centimeters longer in each dimension. The difference between 7 and 9.5 centimeters is quite conspicuous after all. But anyway, the RS-224 is going to look really small compared to popular micro-ATX system cases. As for its exterior design, the combination of the black glossy plastic of the front panel crossed by a white stripe and the ordinary painted iron of the rest of the case is hardly an original solution. The case is not ugly, either. It is just a typical box for office work.


Surprisingly enough, the case looks better when you position it upright. Perhaps this is due to the neat feet. The supports take quite a lot of space at the sides of the case and do not allow to place it right next to a wall, but they do keep it steady.

The feet are included into the kit. You just put the case down on them and move the halves of the feet to fit the case tightly.

The RS-224 is really supposed to stand upright as is indicated by the position of its power button. While the I/O connectors (two USB ports and two audio connectors) are placed on the front panel, the power button is at the end of the white stripe on the narrower side panel. The reset button is on the front panel, next to the connectors. It is very small and inconspicuous.

The back panel resembles the one of the previous model we have discussed above, but the power supply is oriented vertically and there are two brackets for low-profile expansion cards. The mini-ITX form-factor supports only one expansion slot, but this system case is also compatible with the scarcely known DTX format developed by AMD which describes 203x170mm mainboards with up to two expansion slots. As opposed to the Cooler Master Elite 100, the RS-224 does not support micro-ATX mainboards.

Take note that the fastening of expansion cards is outside the system case in order to reduce the latter’s length. This is quite a popular solution in compact computer enclosures.

Foxconn’s case looks even smaller than Cooler Master’s inside due to the massive mounting plate for drives. The metal is 0.5mm thick but the chassis is rigid enough thanks to its small dimensions.

Under the mounting plate there is a single compartment for a 3.5-inch hard disk drive which is fastened with screws to the front panel and to a small protrusion inside the case.

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