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If you read our article called 25 Kilograms of Silence: Zalman TNN500A Case Review on our site, you should already know that the abbreviation TNN stands for “Totally No Noise” and that the TNN500A is a unique PC system case that allows building an almost absolutely noiseless computer.

The review you’re now reading is dedicated to a new model in the TNN series. The Zalman TNN500AF borrows the basic concepts and design solutions from its predecessor, so I advise you to read the above-mentioned review if you haven’t yet done that. On the other hand, in spite of the difference in one letter only, the TNN500AF has evolved much since the previous model.

How? We’ll find it out right now.

Zalman TNN500AF: Closer Look at the Exterior

We were lucky to get a brand-new sample of the Zalman TNN500AF, contrary to the TNN500A which had arrived into our test lab rather battered. So, we have a huge box enforced with aluminum angles and steel plates. The traditional packaging of PC cases – cardboard boxes and foam plastic – look a child’s toy compared to this bank safe.

Besides the locks that fasten the top and bottom parts together, the box has wheels and flap handles. You’ll realize that these details are all very important for transporting the system home, if you sum up the weight of the TNN500AF (26 kilos) and the weight of the box (about 7-10 kilos).

The box is lined with thick foam rubber that protects the heavy contents against bumps and shocks better than foam plastic would do. Cables, fasteners and other things that accompany the TNN500AF are supplied in a smaller cardboard box.

So, the case is out of its safe – let’s examine it closely. Like its predecessor, the TNN500AF is in fact a big and heavy passive heat-spreader that took the shape of a PC system case. Most of the generated heat is dissipated on the side panels of the case – those thick ribbed plates:

The TNN500AF has about the same dimensions as the TNN500A, but weighs 1 kilo more; its total weight is 26 kilos. There are the same carry handles on top and robust wheels at the bottom:

This time the handles can be folded into the superstructure above the top of the case – so you don’t have to remove the handles. But if you do wish to get rid of them, you can unscrew this whole superconstruction.

The wheels have remained the same. Like before, after you have put the case where it is going to stand permanently, you can unfold the thick rubber pads to prevent any vibration of the case.

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