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Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe S-Series MF12-S1, -S2, -S3HS, -P

Another four Noiseblocker fans we are going to talk about today belong to the NB-Multiframe S-Series MF12 and are shipped in small cardboard packages with partially open front panel:



The package states that these fans run 30% quieter than standard 120 mm fans (it doesn’t specify which ones). NB-Multiframe S-Series were designed by German engineers but are manufactured in China. They come with twice the warranty of 6 years.

These fans measure 120x120x25 mm and weigh 150 g and 155 g. Each fan has 7 blades and a rotor with 41 mm diameter:

The blades of NB-Multiframe S-Series MF12 fans are shaped almost the same as those of the NB-BlackSilent fans, but the actual frame is different and we are going to get to its description shortly. The supporting rods are very thin, except the cable one, and their side facing the airflow is of semicircular shape. The cable is 440 mm long. The fan blades are of semitransparent gray color, which makes the fans look more serious, I would even say, stylish:


The models differ from one another by their rotation speeds and all other characteristics connected with them. The junior model with S1 index works at a constant speed of 750 RPM , S2 – at 1250 RPM, S3HS – at 1800 RPM, and P – feature a PWM rotation speed regulator and its speed varies between 1000 and 2000 RPM.

The airflow created by these fans is 34, 51, 73 and 42.8-78 CMF for all models listed above respectively. Their static pressure equals 0.45, 1.11, 2.302 and 2.838 mmH2O. The most interesting parameter of the NB-Multiframe fan series is the level of generated noise, to be more exact, very low level of generated noise. For example, they claim that the S1 model produces only 8 dBA of noise, which means that you won’t be able to hear it from a 1m distance even in absolute silence. And that is at 750 RPM speed! Some fans working at exact same speed rattle like an old tractor, and this one should be completely quiet. I wonder if this is really the case. For the S2 model they claim 19 dBA of noise, for S3HS – 27 dBA and for P in the interval from 12 to 29 dBA.

The distinguishing feature of NB-Multiframe fan series is advanced anti-vibration system. It uses not the traditional silicone spindles, but four soft rubber triangles that should be inserted into the corners of the fan frame:

I have to say that it is a pretty unique and actually more convenient solution than the traditional mounting spindles, but only if you are going to use it as a case fan. You may have some difficulties attaching these fans to CPU heatsinks (take for instance the retention clips from Thermalright or Scythe).

However, I think that the key peculiarity of these fans is not the soft shock-absorbing triangles or extremely smooth blades, but the bearing employed in the rotor. NB-Multiframe fans use ultra-quiet NB-NanoSLI bearings designed by the German Company themselves. Of course, no details are revealed. And they have every reason to keep the technical details secret, because these bearings together with only one more fan model proved to be the quietest of all (I would even say completely noiseless), which is totally amazing.



The bearing employed in the S1 fan model is guaranteed to last 160,000 hours. The one in S2 model will last a little less – only 140,000 hours. And the bearings in both higher-speed models have 130,000 hours bearing MTBF. S2, S3HS and P models can start at only 4.5 V, while the slowest S1 model will need a little more than that – 6V. However, according to the official specifications, NB-Multiframe fans are not that energy-efficient at all, because even the slowest model requires 2.74 W of power. The actual power consumption rates again turned out lower than the declared ones. Noiseblocker fans from NB-Multiframe series are priced between $20 and $26 depending on the model. It is very expensive for fans, but they are worth every penny.

Now let’s discuss the practical measurements results. Check out the diagrams below:

Our verdict about the previous Noiseblocker fan series was highly positive already, but the NB-Multiframe series is divinely good. They run even quieter than the NB-BlackSilent fans, but their airflow is at least as good. Amazing fans, truly ones of the best out there! They reach acoustical comfort zone at 1080 RPM. In terms of power consumption of their NB-Multiframe series, Noiseblocker deceived us, as the slowest model doesn’t any anything even close to 2.74 W and can work just fine with only 0.5 W of power. The declared specs for the higher-end models are closer to reality, as you can see. The startup voltage for the “S” models is 4.2 V, while the PWM modification of the same fan requires 4.5 V (exactly like the specs claim). NB-Multiframe fans refused to work at anything lower than that.

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