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Xigmatek Crystal CLF-F1251

Next go two fans from Xigmatek. The first model is Crystal CLF-F1251 which comes in a transparent plastic box with a paper insert.

Besides the fan, the box contains four screws and a PATA power adapter.

The Crystal CLF-F1251 is manufactured in China and costs about $10. Its warranty period is 1 year.

The fan has a transparent frame and a 113mm impeller connected with four spokes.


Three of the fan spokes are 5 millimeters wide; the cable spoke is 9 millimeters wide. The electromotor is 43 millimeters in diameter. The weight of the fan is 120 grams.

The impeller blades are rather large. They are narrow and lowered at the base and get broader towards the ends.

The edges of the blades are rounded off. There are two rounded-off ribs on the interior of the frame. The Xigmatek Crystal is sleek and neat, obviously to minimize its noise.

Its specs go like this: 1500 RPM, 68.33 CFM, 20 dBA. The fan runs on an optimized sleeve bearing (“rifle bearing”) whose rated service life is 50,000 hours. Xigmatek doesn’t reveal why the service life is so long.

The start-up voltage of this fan is 6.5 volts; the power consumption is 2.2 watts. These numbers are close to the product specs. The 3-wire cable is 300 millimeters long.

There are four LEDs in the corners of the fan frame.

My sample of the fan has blue highlighting.

The Crystal may also come with green, red, white or purple highlighting.

You will find the test results of this fan at the end of the next section.

Xigmatek XLF-F1253

The XLF-F1253 model comes in the same packaging as the previous one, but its design is different:

The included PATA power adapter is slightly different, too.

This fan is no different from the previous Crystal model in design but its impeller and frame are a different color.


The size, weight, impeller shape and other features are the same as those of the Xigmatek Crystal.

The rotation speed is 1500 RPM, too, but the air flow is specified to be 61 CFM, which is 7.33 CFM lower compared to the Crystal. The level of noise, the type and service life of the bearing and the electrical parameters of this fan are identical to those of the Crystal model.

The Xigmatek XLF-F1253 starts up at a lower voltage and consumes somewhat less power than the Crystal, though.

There are white LEDs in the corners of the frame:

The contrast between the dark frame and the orange impeller makes the highlighting quite beautiful.

Here are the test results:

The two Xigmatek fans, although designed almost identically, perform differently in my tests. Besides the difference in their noise-to-airflow ratios you can see in the diagram, the Crystal is somewhat more agreeable to the ear than the XLF-F1253. I must tell you that both fans are not as bad as the difference from the Scythe Kama Flow 2 suggests.

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