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We carried out our last roundup test of 140mm fans over 2 years ago. Unlike CPUs or GPUs, fans do not change rapidly, being simpler devices that leave little room for engineering ingenuity. Yet new models come out regularly and their developers try to not just vary their packaging and color scheme but also introduce some new technologies to improve their service life, air flow and noise level specs. They do not always succeed, though, as we will see today in our tests of 13 new fans from nine brands.

We’ve got at least two samples of each fan model. The noise level was measured for each sample and the air flow, for only one sample, according to the same method as in our previous review except that we didn't test the fans together with coolers’ heatsinks because this data didn’t prove to be too valuable after all. First, let's take a look at each fan, its specifications and features. The testing participants are listed in alphabetical order.

Technical Specifications

We’ll emphasize the key features of the fans in their descriptions, but for their full specs you can refer to the following table:

We can only add that the impeller of each fan rotates counterclockwise.

Testing Participants

Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition

First goes the AF140 Quiet Edition from Corsair. It is shipped in a large cardboard box with a plastic window that provides a good view of the fan.

The product’s model name, rotation speed and noise level are all indicated on the front of the box. On the back you can find product specs, key features and a photo of two 120mm fans from the same series. Included with the fan are two booklets, two changeable rings of different colors, mounting screws, and a cable with step-down resistor.

The fan is manufactured in China, costs $19 and has a 2-year warranty. The Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition measures 140x104x25 millimeters. It looks very attractive:


There’s a red ring around the plastic frame, making this fan quite a lively sight. The ring can be replaced with the included white or blue one.

As for technicalities, the Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition has a large 11-blade impeller with a diameter of 131 mm. The motor is 42 mm in diameter. The impeller is fastened on four spokes, three of which are 5 mm wide. The cable spoke is 8 mm.

The impeller blades are curved like a wind-blown sail and get broader towards the frame. The edges of the blades are neatly rounded off.

The interior of the frame is perfectly smooth. The fan is immaculately sleek so that none of its components might produce any unwanted noise.

The silicone inserts in the mounting holes help make the fan quieter, too.

The Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition has a rated speed of 1150 RPM at a voltage of 12 volts, but you can reduce it to 750 RPM by means of the included cable with step-down resistor. At the maximum speed the fan can produce an air flow of 67.8 CFM and a static pressure of 0.84 millimeters of water. The noise level is specified to be 24 dBA. The Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition is the lightest model among all the fans in this review. It weighs a mere 98 grams.

The sticker on the fan shows you information about the fan’s operating voltage and current.

The AF140 Quiet Edition runs on a fluid dynamic bearing whose service life is not declared. Its 295mm-long cable ends in a 3-pin connector.

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