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The results of our today’s test show that there were no total losers among the reviewed 140 mm fans. Hopefully, we will see the same tendency in our upcoming 120 mm fan roundups. Nevertheless, we can split all today’s testing participants in three groups, such as: “nothing special”, “average and good” and “excellent”.

The first group includes a few not very successful models, namely: the rustling Evercool Red Scorpion, roaring Xigmatek Crystal 140 and … Noctua NF-P14 FLX. The latter fell into this group solely because of its super-high price and unjustified ambitions. While Evercool Red Scorpion is the cheapest of all and therefore can be excused for its not the best performance, and Xigmatek’s roaring can be forgiven due to beautiful LED lighting and high static pressure, then Noctua NF-P14 FLX has no excuse whatsoever. The fan designed by an entire institute of Austrian engineers with quite a few unique technologies should at least be among the leaders in airflow and noise. Unfortunately, we don’t see anything like that, so the verdict is - nothing special.

The second and largest group includes seven 140 mm fans: Noisеblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK-1/2/3, two Nanoxia DX-14, Revoltec AirGuard 140 and Deep Cool UF140. Although the latter is the most expensive fan of all, we would like to give it credit for smooth and soft operation and for unique anti-vibration layer on the frame. Noiseblocker and Nanoxia fans again prove up to the mark: I am sure that junior models will find their fans, as you can barely hear them at all even in total silence, not to mention against the background noise of a system case. We were surprised with the low noise and good airflow delivered by Revoltec AirGuard 140 at a very affordable price. Overall, we can recommend any fan from this group as a good choice.

However, if you are looking for the absolutely best 140mm fan in terms of noise-to-airflow ratio, then you should check out our leaders: Scythe Slip Stream 140, Thermalright TY-140 and Thermalright X-Silent 140. These fans not only create the largest airflow at the same level of noise as the other fans, but they are also cheaper than their competitors. Moreover, Slip Stream 140 and TY-140 can be installed into the slots designed for 120 mm fans, which makes them a universal solution. Although we would recommend the manufacturers to include some vibration-absorbing mounts with these fans and make the TY-140 power cable longer. Note, that X-Silent 140 doesn’t have any of these drawbacks.

Summing up the results of our today’s competition, we would like to award the three leaders - Scythe Slip Stream 140, Thermalright TY-140 and Thermalright X-Silent 140 – X-bit’s Recommended Buy title:

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