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Installation Tips

Cooler installs in a very simple and intuitive way. First you insert the spindles through the backplate and mainboard PCB, then set two metal retention brackets on top of them. After that the cooler is placed on top of the CPU and is pressed with the third bracket with spring-screws:



That’s all. Very simple and reliable. And two rods on the pressing bracket that go into special holes in the upper part of the cooler base will prevent it from rotating on the CPU heat-spreader. Looks like Prolimatech Megahalems has the best retention solution of all coolers we have tested so far: it is extremely easy and convenient to install and presses the cooler against the CPU heat-spreader with just the right force. The only thing we could probably find inconvenient is the fact that you won’t be able to remove the CPU once the retention for Megahalems cooler is in place, because the locking lever will hit against one of the retention brackets when in the open position. However, these brackets are fastened with screwed caps without any special tools, so it will only take you 30 seconds to remove then and take out the brackets.

Prolimatech Megahalems installed onto a board will not interfere with any electronic components around the processor socket. The distance between the lower heatsink plate and the mainboard PCB surface measures 45mm:


You should use two enclosed wire clips to attach the fan to the heatsink. They go into the retention holes in the fan frame and catch on to the special groove in the heatsink array:

Since the heatsink is symmetrical and the grooves are available on both sides of it, you may install two fans at the same time. However, the additional two wire clips that you will need are not included with the cooler and need to be purchased separately. It is actually a pretty strange drawback for a relatively expensive and ambitious cooler like that.

When the cooler is installed onto the mainboard so that the airflow is directed towards the case back panel, the cooler fan blocks the first memory DIMM slot on the board and it is indeed the case not only for the memory modules equipped with tall heat-spreaders, but also with the memory modules with regular or no heat-spreaders at all.


If you install the cooler so that the airflow is directed towards the top of the case, then the first memory slot may be used for memory modules without heat-spreaders. By the way, the cooler is most effective when it is installed in this particular way than the way on the photo above:


It is pretty important to achieve maximum cooling efficiency for Intel Core i7 processors and we are going to dwell on it again in the corresponding part of our today’s review.

In conclusion to our today’s discussion of the new Prolimatech Megahalems cooler I would like to add that its recommended price is comparatively high. Besides, the cooler is still quite rare in the market, which should also be considered as a drawback.

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