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Scythe Ultra Kaze

Now we would like to introduce to you another set of fans from the Japanese Scythe Company that belongs to the new Ultra Kaze family. They will also be represented by three different models. The boxes are designed in similar way to those of Scythe Minebea Silent IC: transparent plastic box with a cardboard insertion:


The package contains extensive info on the fan model and its detailed technical specification sin five languages.

Each fan comes bundled with a 3-pin-to-Molex power adapter with a separate cable for the fan rotation speed monitoring:

The first remarkable thing about Ultra Kaze fans is their massive looks and record-breaking weight of 225g:


However, this is not surprising at all, as the fans are 38mm thick:

Seven fan blades that don’t boast any distinguishing features sit on a broad 54mm spindle:

Ultra Kaze fans are most likely manufactured by the Chinese Young Lin Tech Co. LTD Company, which has very similar (to say the least of it) fans in their product range.

The Ultra Kaze family includes three models with different fan rotation speeds of 1000 (±100) RPM, 2000 (±200) RPM and 3000 (±300) RPM.


Thanks to thicker fan, even at 1000RPM the youngest model creates a 44.44CFM airflow, and at 3000RPM – the impressive 133.6CFM airflow. However, the significantly increased airflow is not the only remarkable feature of the new Scythe fan. It also stands out thanks to increased static pressure, an important parameter for efficient cooling of tight heatsink arrays. The model with 2000RPM nominal rotation speed is claimed to have 3.48mmH2O static pressure. To give you a better idea of how it compares to the competitors: out of the fans we have already discussed today the best parameter belongs to Scythe Minebea Silent IC and equals 2.5mmH2O at 1900RPM. So, you can imagine that the 6.05mmH2O demonstrated by Ultra Kaze 3000 is definitely beyond any possible competition!

As you understand, these impressive numbers had to affect the other fan parameters. As a result, overclockers will hardly be happy with the noise generated by 2000RPM and 3000RPM models, which is claimed to be at 32.9dBA and 45.9dBA respectively. From our subjective standpoint, these fans are indeed too loud for continuous use, but will definitely suit benchers, for instance. Ultra Kaze fan with 1000RPM rotation speed, on the contrary, boasts very moderate noise resting around 18dBA thanks to the sleeve bearing used in it. Although the MTBF of this bearing is considerably smaller than that of the bearings used in Minebea Silent IC fans: only 30,000 hours.

The fan cable is of the same length: 300mm, however the recommended retail price of Ultra Kaze fans is much more attractive than those of the above discussed Scythe solutions and is set at $13.60.

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