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SilverStone FM122

The next fan is also shipped under SilverStone brand name. FM122 model is shipped in exactly the same box as FM121:


The accessories are also identical that is why we will not provide the photo here. However, I suggest that you take a closer look at the cables coming out of the fan instead:

As you see, FM121 and FM122 models are powered directly from the system PSU via the Molex connector. Moreover, there is a tachometer cable and a two-pin connector for fan rotation speed controller designed as special panel for the 3.5-inch system case slot, which we have already showed above.

The fan is designed exactly the same way as the FM121 model we have just talked about, however, it is thicker: 32mm instead of 25mm:


As a result, the fan rotor has also become bigger: its diameter has been increased from 43mm to 53mm. However, the fan blades remained of the same shape:

The original fan manufacturer is also the same EverFlow Company (F121232BH model marking).

The fan rotation speed remained the same and you can adjust it between 800 (±80) RPM to 2400 (±240) RPM using the controller. However, since the fan has become considerably thicker, we can’t say that its specifications improved. The airflow parameter remained almost the same and reaches 36.68CFM at the fan’s slowest rotation speed, while at the highest rotation speed it is even a little lower: 107.13CFM. It could be the 1cm larger rotor diameter that affected these numbers, as it “eats away” the length of the blades. The fan also generates more noise: 44.1dBA instead of 39.5dBA at maximum rotation speed. Besides, at around 1280~1300RPM the motor starts roaring creating evident acoustic discomfort.

So, the question is: why did they release FM122 model at all? And the answer seems to be right on the surface here. The thing is that this fan creates higher static pressure of 1.89mmH2O at minimum rotation speed (compared against 1.08mmH2O of the FM121 model), and of 5.68mmH2O at maximum rotation speed (vs. 3.26mmH2O of the FM121 model). This high static pressure is very important for efficient cooling of heatsink arrays with closely sitting plates or inside stuffed system cases.

The power cable is 500mm long plus the fan rotation speed controller adds almost the same cable length to it. The recommended retail price of the SilverStone FM122 fan is set at $14.99.

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