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SilverStone FM123

The last SilverStone fan we are going to talk about today is the FM123 model shipping in a transparent plastic box:


The entire fan and all its specifications are in plain sight. At the bottom of the box there are bundled accessories that include retention screws with rubber absorbers, power cable, and a fan rotation speed controller:

The latter is designed as a bracket for the case rear panel. Moreover, you can attach two more controllers to it from another two fans like that. It is a very practical solution when you will have only one bracket on the rear panel instead of three. The fan boasts truly remarkable sensitivity, unlike FM121/FM122 models. The knob rotates very smoothly, so you can adjust the rotation speed with up to 30~50RPM precision. However, I have to admit that you will very soon get tired of adjusting fan rotation speed on the back of your system case.

SilverStone FM123 is a fan that has a different design concept compared with the previously discussed FM121/FM122:


Instead of nine sharp blades, it has only seven of a dramatically different shape:

The fan rotation speed varies from 900 (±90) RPM to 2600 (±260) RPM creating 40.7-106.3CFM airflow and 0.66-4.55mmH2O static pressure. The fan generates almost the same noise as the FM121 model (17.5~39.5dBA), but subjectively, SilverStone FM123 sounds much quieter. I would consider 1400~1450RPM the most optimal fan rotation speed for this model. After that you can already hear slight roaring of the fan motor, which is manufactured by Power Logic, not EverFlow this time:

PLA12025B12HH-LV model uses two ball bearings with the guaranteed MTBF of 50,000 hours. I would also like to stress that this fan features the smallest rotor diameter of only 40mm (the only one with even smaller rotor is Scythe Slit Stream discussed later), which should definitely have a positive effect on the fan cooling efficiency.

The cable of SilverStone FM123 measures 500mm total. The fan is priced at maximum $15.99.

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