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The Evercool Cruise Missile costs about $12.

Gelid GC-1, GC-2 and GC-Extreme

Gelid Solutions Ltd. provided three products for today’s tests: GC-1, GC-2 and the new GC-Extreme. They all have similar packaging:

As the GC-1 is already out of production, I will focus on the two new products even though I’ll test all three. The syringes with the GC-2 and GC-Extreme differ in capacity: 7 and 3.5 grams, respectively.

A small plastic spatula is included with each product to make it easier to apply the thermal grease. The thermal conductivity of the GC-2 is not specified whereas the GC-Extreme is declared to have a high thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/(K·m). The operating temperature range is not specified for these products. I can only add that the Gelid thermal greases do not conduct electricity, do not leak and do not dry out for a long period of time. Gelid does not tell anything about what components are used in these thermal interfaces.

The Gelid greases are all light gray in color.

They differ in consistency. The GC-1 is the most fluid among the three and the GC-2 is the thickest. The GC-Extreme is in between the previous two in terms of consistency, being very soft and rather sticky. The difference between these thermal interfaces can be easily spotted by their imprints on the GPU and cooler's base:

Gelid GC-1 Gelid GC-2 Gelid GC-Extreme

Despite the different consistency, each of the Gelid thermal greases was equally easy to apply and remove from the surfaces. The GC-2 costs about $7 and the GC-Extreme costs $10 although the latter comes in a syringe only half the capacity of the GC-2 one.

GlacialStars IceTherm II

GlacialStars is a daughter brand of Glacial Tech Inc. Its thermal grease is called IceTherm II. It is included with the company's new coolers and is also available as an individual product. I received it without any packaging in a small syringe, though.

There is only 1.5 grams of this China-made grease in it. The syringe costs $5.

The GlacialStars IceTherm II is specified to have a thermal conductivity of 8.1 W/(K·m). It retains its properties within a temperature range of -40 to +100°C.

This light-gray grease is of medium thickness.

I had no problems applying and scraping the IceTherm II off the processor and cooler.


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