How to Flatten Out a Stubborn Mousepad

The main reason I hate rolled mousepads and always look for flat-packed ones is because, in a lot of cases, these rolled pads never really flatten out. I had to deal with the GT910 recently and that is even more annoying to deal with since it’s a Cordura surface that is known to unstick from the base of the surface if the glue gets too hot.

before after mousepad

These kinds of issues might not necessarily happen to only cheaper pads so you either mentally prepare yourself or get a glass pad

“Put It Under a Weight”

Whenever I see someone say that all you need to do to flatten a pad is to put it under some heavy objects, I die inside a little because that never worked for me. I kept the GT910 for 2 WEEKS under weights and nothing happened. I lift the weight, the thing rolls up like nothing happened. 

You can try it but I cannot say how effective this basic method is.

Iron or Hair Dryer

The only way I could consistently always flatten out the stubborn pads was by applying heat to the surface. However, this is a risky process since you could heat the glue too much and then have the surface fabric separate from the rubber/poron base. 

With the GT910 I tried heating it moderately with the hair dryer and then rolled it backwards a couple of times and it worked somewhat but it still rolled back after a while. With no choices left, I pulled out the clothes iron and a towel. 

I covered the surface of the pad (you would want to do this especially if you have a coated pad) with the towel and then pushed with the iron as I was going across the mousepad. You do not want to overdo this so I would not recommend the highest heat settings on the iron. 

With moderate heat and many passes the pad now is flat, even while being a stubborn Cordura fabric. 

Applying heat to a mousepad is risky in itself but this is the only method that has worked for me. Even with this method however I have met some pads which never flattened out at all like the MP510. To avoid these issues completely buy flat-packed mouse pads or glass pads which will not have the issue of laying flat. 


If you want to flatten a pad you either risk it with applying heat or you do not gamble and just get flat-packed pads.

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