DeepCool GT910 – A Quick Product Overview

Lately, I do not spend quite as much time gaming and decided that I wanted to use something that is a bit less maintenance as the whole thing with getting one piece of dust on my mousepad and having to wipe it for 5 minutes was getting to me.  

I accidentally stumbled upon the DeepCool GT910 which after a quick inspection was an original MPC450 without all the revisions that made the MPC450 such a good pad. The coolest thing about my find is that I could get this Cordura surface mousepad for 5$ which is an insanely good deal. 

Since the GT910 is identical to the MPC450 bar some small differences it does not need a full review but here are some things to note if you can also snag one of these for pennies. 

DeepCool GT910 – The Bad Sides

To make this easier for everybody I will do a quick rundown of the bad things about the GT910 so you can figure out early if you are interested in this pad. 

  • The mousepad comes rolled and since it is Cordura it will not lay flat – I have kept mine under a glass pad and weights for 2 weeks and it is still not flat.
deepcool gt910 box
  • The stitching is fat and, at times inconsistent, and my copy has a spot where it’s just crooked altogether – much better stitching on the MPC450.
deepcool gt910 edge
  • Has the stupid Cordura tag ON THE PAD which is just a huge question mark for me.
deepcool gt910 tag
  • The rubber base is not great, a bit more plush on the GT910 compared to the MPC450
  • The size is only 450x400x3mm which for some reason is the standard Cordura pad size which to me sucks since it’s just a tad bit too small.

If you have any experience with the Cordura pad scene these will all sound very familiar since for some reason a lot of the options suffer from the same issues.

deepcool gt910 in shops

DeepCool GT910 – The Good Sides

With the factors mentioned above you would think that buying a GT910 does not make much sense but some big redeeming factors ultimately made it worth it for me. 

  • The Cordura surface is indeed almost impossible to kill with the MPC450 I have used (abused) making it an easy durability champion for me.
deepcool gt910 surface
  • Smooth, fast glide which is exactly why I moved to glass pads in the first place.
  • Do not need to swap skates every week and do not need to polish them or have any sort of maintenance done – just stick skates on the mouse and do your thing.
  • You can cut the Cordura fabric sticker and the DeepCool logo is small and tucked in a corner. The surface does not feel any different when gliding over the logo which means it is all usable surface.
  • While it does not always work, it is possible to straighten a Cordura pad slowly by using low heat – make sure NOT to apply a lot of heat to the same spot or you will melt the glue and the Cordura fabric will unstick from the rubber base!
  • While the size is not great it still gives you enough space to play in the 20-45 CM range with no issues. If you play lower sens you will need a bigger pad. 
  • I found the pad for 5$ and a lot of these Cordura pads are going on insanely good sales for as low as 10$. If you can grab one for these kinds of prices and free shipping, there is no reason not to.

DeepCool GT910 – Conclusions

The DeepCool GT910 is pretty much just an OEM Cordura pad with the usual issues these kinds of pads come with. However, if you like fast pads and need something that will last you forever without the need for upkeep like a glass pad, getting a 5$ Cordura pad is most definitely the play here. 

My take on this is quite simple – if a friend needs a fast pad and they have 5$ to spare, I would tell them to get this one. If my friend had a bit more money I would advise them to look for a flat-packed Cordura pad with better stitching (ex: MPC450).

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