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In the first part of the thermal interface roundup I tested 26 products for their efficiency in cooling a graphics card’s processor and also checked out some of them with a CPU. This second part that you are reading now is concerned with 19 such TIMs that are included with coolers and do not sell individually.

Like in the first part, I am going to test their efficiency so that you could see what manufacturers supply high-performance TIMs with their coolers. Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

Testing Participants


The first thermal grease comes with the Alpenföhn Nordwand cooler. You can find a TIM called Schneekanone at the manufacturer’s website but I am not sure that they are one and the same thing. The small syringe lacks any markings or labels:

It is white and has the consistency of thick sour cream. It can be very easily applied and removed:



Next goes the thermal grease included with coolers from AMA Precision Inc. The manufacturer’s website doesn’t mention it. There is only the name of the manufacturer on the syringe:


This viscous and plastic gray-colored stuff is very easy to apply and remove.


I don’t know anything about the specs of this thermal grease, though.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master’s thermal grease is included with the company’s low-end coolers such as Hyper 212 Plus or Hyper N620. The small syringe with a Cooler Master sticker contains 3 or 4 grams of rather dense light-gray thermal grease.


Nothing is known about its specs. I can only tell you that it is easy to apply.


This grease is also easy to remove from the component surface.

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