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Next goes the thermal grease included with Nexus coolers, particularly with the Nexus VCT-9000. The company’s official website mentions a thermal interface called TPM-1000, but I wouldn’t guarantee that it is included with all of Nexus coolers.

The small syringe is unexpectedly informative, listing the thermal interface specs. The specified thermal conductivity of 6 W/K·m is quite high, by the way.

This thermal grease is thick yet also has high plasticity.

It is indeed quite a mystery to me how this very thick grease can retain such plasticity and be so easy to apply. I had no problems smudging it about in a thin and uniform layer:


The Nexus thermal grease is also very easy to remove from the component surfaces.

Prolimatech PK-1

Prolimatech Megahalems cooler, like the rest of the company’s products, comes with Prolimatech PK-1 thermal grease.


It is a viscous and plastic gray-colored TIM with undeclared characteristics. It is easy to apply and remove from the component surfaces.



Despite having such a high-quality TIM as Thermal Elixer (SCYTE-1000) in its product range, the Japanese firm Scythe puts a small pack of some other stuff into its cooler kits. You can find it in the box of the new Ninja 3, for example.

The thermal grease is liquid as you can see by the imprints it makes:


The specs of this thermal grease are not known to me.

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