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There is a well-known aphorism “jack of all trades”, describing a person with multiple skills, but often ironically suggesting that this person has no expert proficiency. However, it shouldn’t be always referred to with irony. Sometimes, a person can handle several different tasks at the same time quite successfully. Can we say the same about the new cooling solution from the Korean Zalman Company – the hybrid VF2000 LED cooler? Well, our today’s review will answer this question for you. I have to point out right away though that you shouldn’t be discouraged by the term “hybrid” in the cooler name. It merely means that the cooler can be installed onto CPUs as well as graphics cards. Maybe Zalman marketing people believed that calling a solution like that “universal” could be too common and not appealing enough that is why they used a pretty untraditional term for a cooling solution. So, let’s take a closer look at this cooler now.

Package and Accessories

The cardboard box with the new cooler is pretty small and has two windows cut-out in the front and the back sides of the box, which reveal the cooler inside:


The cooler box lists the main features of this cooler that are all marked with small tags on the front of the box as well. There is also a table with the technical specs of the cooler on the back of the box.

Inside the cardboard box there is a small box with accessories and the cooler sealed in robust plastic casing that protects it against all sorts of possible transportation damages:

All accessories bundled with Zalman VF2000 LED are sealed in three plastic bags: a processor retention kit, a graphics card retention kit and the rest of the components. There is also installation manual in two different languages:

Here is what you get in those small plastic baggies:


You can see retention plates and mounting spindles for installation onto a CPU, heatsinks with mounting spindles and rubber rings for installation onto a graphics card, fan rotation speed controller with a long cable and double-sided sticky tape, as well as three tubes of Zalman thermal compound and a manufacturer logo sticker.

This new cooler is made in Korea (most likely South Korea) and retails for $54.95.

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