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To estimate the average platform performance PCMark 7 measures the speed of typical real-life algorithms that are very popular in every-day tasks.

The computational SuperPi test is a great way of checking the performance in single-threaded mode. This test calculates 32 million digits of the Pi:

To test the performance during data archiving we took a benchmark built into WinRAR 4.0 archiving utility.

Final rendering speed was tested in Cinebench 11.5.

The chess benchmark called Fritz illustrates the systems performance during multi-threaded computational load.

The x264 HD Benchmark 4.0 on the diagram below transcodes a small video clip in two passes and the entire process is then repeated four times. We are providing average results of the second pass.

We measured the performance in Adobe Photoshop using our own benchmark made from RetouchArtists Photoshop Speed Test that has been creatively modified. It includes typical editing of four 10-megapixel images from a digital photo camera.

To check out the performance of Intel Quick Sync we measured the time it took to transcode a 3 GB H.264 1080p video clip (a 40-minute episode of a popular TV show) into an iPhone 4-friendly format in lower resolution. We used a popular commercial utility from Cyberlink called Media Espresso 6.5, which supports Quick Sync technology.

The block of 3D gaming tests will start with 3DMark Vantage used with the Entry profile.

To test the systems’ gaming performance in real games, we chose three: Far Cry 2, Dirt 3 and Starcraft 2. We selected these particular games, because they all demonstrate acceptable performance when running on Intel HD Graphics 2000 core built into the processor. Note that we ran all tests in 1280x800 resolution and set the image quality settings to Low.

It is fairly easy to explain the obtained results. As we saw, all LGA1155 Mini-ITX mainboards are almost equally fast. The performance differences are so minimal that it would be very difficult to notice them with a naked eye. And it means that performance, will not be the determinative factor when shopping around for an LGA1155 mainboard to be installed into a compact system.

However, for statistical purposes I have to say that among all mainboards we could easily single out those that are a little bit faster and those that are a little bit slower. Among the few faster products are Intel DH67CF, ASRock H67M-ITX/HT and ASUS P8H67-I, while the slower group includes ECS H67H2-I and Foxconn H67S.

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