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OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition

OCZ Technology doesn’t need our recommendations. Smart marketing and high-quality products have won this manufacturer universal recognition in the last few years. The OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition modules we received for our tests are the example of a successful product that upholds the manufacturer’s reputation. Let’s examine this kit closely.

Although the OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition kit consists of DDR500 SDRAM modules, two examples of which you have already seen above, they differ considerably from both G.Skill F1-4000USU-2GBHZ and Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT. First, they differ externally. OCZ is the only manufacturer in this review to equip its modules with copper rather than aluminum heatsinks and the PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition can be easily distinguished from the other reviewed kits by the sheer weight alone. Then, the heat-spreaders are polished and covered with a mirror-like platinum-colored sputtering. The shape of the heatsinks is standard, though, and they are braced up with two steel clamps quite in the usual way. There’s a heat-conductive pad inserted in between the heat-spreaders and the chips. The shiny modules are surely attractive, but your fingerprints are just too visible on the mirror-like surface, so you may want to wipe them away with soft cloth after you’ve plugged the module in.

The manufacturer’s logo is embossed on both sides of each module. On the face side there is also a sticker that tells you the basic info about the product like the part number, name, frequency, capacity and timings. And here’s the biggest surprise: the characteristics of this memory from OCZ don’t look a bit similar to the specifications of other 1GB DDR500 SDRAM modules. Here they are:

  • Frequency: 500MHz DDR
  • Default timings: 3-3-2-8 at 1T Command Rate
  • Default voltage: 2.8V
  • The kit includes two 184-pin unbuffered non-ECC DDR SDRAM modules, 1024MB each
  • The modules are equipped with copper heatsinks with a platinum-color mirror-life sputtering
  • Lifetime warranty

The difference is fundamental: the default voltage of the modules is increased to 2.8V, but the timings are lowered down to 3-3-2-8. Of course, this is not only due to the copper heatsinks, but rather to the chips these modules are based on – revision C chips from Infineon. OCZ also mentions two special technologies implemented in these modules: Ultra Low Noise refers to the special EMI-minimizing design of the PCB, while Extended Voltage Protection allows using the module at 2.9V voltage without voiding the warranty.

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