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Memory makers are living through difficult times. Their produce has become indecently cheap due to the overproduction crisis and the outlook for the near future is vague. Summing up the Elpida bankruptcy and the upcoming Windows 8 OS, some analysts expect the market to get healthier but others, on the contrary, predict more price cuts because there are huge amounts of memory products piled up at suppliers’ storehouses.

The extremely negative background doesn’t prevent the manufacturers of overclocker-friendly memory modules to slow down their activities, though. They keep on improving and perfecting their products, offering higher clock rates and larger capacities to the customer. They remain profitable under the unfavorable market conditions thanks to their business model: they sell their memory at prices which are much higher than average, charging extra for high quality and excellent specifications. Moreover, most companies that produce memory modules for computer enthusiasts are themselves enthusiasts to some extent. They work closely with overclockers, sponsor overclocking events and support the community in many other ways.

The Taiwanese GeIL (Golden Emperor International Ltd.) is one of the most famous and respectable companies in this business since 1993. Interestingly, the company has never left the chosen track over these years. They have never tried to diversify their product range. For almost 10 years, irrespective of what goes on on the SDRAM market, GeIL has been focused on providing memory modules for overclocked PCs. While its long-time competitors are trying to find a place in other areas, GeIL keeps on making new memory products to meet the demand from its existing customers and attract new ones.

Half a year ago we tested GeIL memory modules from the overclocker-friendly and gaming series aka Black Dragon, Enhance Corsa, EVO Corsa and EVO TWO, and now there are new offers available from GeIL. Considering the growing popularity of PCs with Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge processors which can clock system memory at higher frequencies than their predecessors, and the upcoming release of Windows 8 which is likely to entice many users into upgrading their computer, GeIL has released the new EVO Veloce series. It is about this memory module series that we are going to talk in this review.

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