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XFX is the company primarily known for its graphics cards, however, it is not only selling video boards, but is also targeting other spheres of the business associated with computer gamers with its XGear, Executioner and Revo brands. Such business model perfectly reflects the motto the company had for this year’s CeBIT: “play hard”. In order to play really well and successful you have to own quite a number of devices and it is highly possible that you would look for one stop shopping.

In addition to its graphics cards XFX sells advanced RAID controllers, gamepads, racing sets as well as game controllers. But, in fact, the business goes even further: recently XFX introduced its Mindquake, a headset with built-in shock engines which shock your earphones whenever something from your favourite game explodes or crashes near you, providing additional interactivity and immersive game-play.

We remember that the hardcore Doom III fans advised others to play the highly-anticipated title at night with all the lights off and with your 7.1 audio system turned to the max. That was probably an excellent idea to get yourself really scared, but that is probably an plan for a person who lives alone in his or her own house, otherwise relatives or neighbours will be upset to say at least.

Using a quality headset is a common option for playing at night, or when you need not to bother the others near you. XFX Mindquake, which the company refers as Xgear multimedia gaming headset, is a very interesting solution for those who want to have some additional interactivity from their games as well as do not want to cause any inconveniences for the rest, during a LAN party, for instance. The product was demonstrated during the CeBIT 2006 show in Hannover, Germany, and we found it pretty exciting to try it ourselves.

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