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Performance in IOMark

We use our internal IOMark tool for low-level tests. Let’s begin with sequential reading.

Let’s compare the drives according to the speed at the beginning and end of the full-capacity partitions created on them.

Seagate carries on its tradition of winning this test, its HDDs being somewhat faster than their opponents with same-density platters. The Barracuda LP probably owes its result to the increased spindle rotation speed, though. Once again we can see that the power-efficient HDDs with 500GB platters are as good as 7200RPM models with 333GB platters (represented by the Caviar Black J7 and E8). Take note of the E3 – this is a dual-platter Caviar Black! Of course, the new FAEX has two platters, too (its low top speed is the results of an unlucky head/platter pair), but we haven’t had any doubts about its design.

And what about the speed of working with the cache buffer?

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C, 1 TB, firmware version 25C

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C, 1 TB, firmware version 3EA

Hitachi’s new firmware improves performance considerably. The HDD now produces smoother graphs without any fluctuations. There is only one shortcoming left: the HDD can do burst reading only when the data block size is a multiple of 256 sectors plus 32 sectors.

Samsung Ecogreen F3, 2TB

The Samsung draws neat and smooth graphs. It can write to the buffer almost as fast as read from it.

Seagate Barracuda LP, 2TB

Seagate Barracuda XT, 2TB

Seagate Constellation ES, 1TB

Seagate’s HDDs differ in this test. The Constellation ES and Barracuda XT deliver smoother graphs but the Barracuda XT has a higher speed with small data blocks. The latter has some problems at burst writing of small data blocks, however, which are the typical load for a hard disk drive.

Western Digital Caviar Black, 1 TB (FAEX Z3)

 Western Digital Caviar Black, 1 TB (J7)

Western Digital Caviar Black, 1 TB (E8)

Western Digital Caviar Black, 1 TB (E3)

Western Digital Caviar Green, 2 TB

Well, we’ve finally got some changes in Western Digital’s camp. The dual-platter Caviar Black models both show that their firmware has changed. The HDDs have become faster with large data blocks.

The Hitachi delivers the highest top speed when reading from the buffer (unfortunately, only with data blocks of certain sizes). The HDDs from Samsung and Seagate are the best in terms of writing to the buffer.

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