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Performance in PCMark Vantage

To make this part of our test session complete, we are going to run the latest version of PCMark called Vantage. Compared with the previous versions, the benchmark has become more up-to-date and advanced in its selection of subtests as well as Windows Vista orientation. Each subtest is run ten times and the results of the ten runs are averaged.

Here is a brief description of each subtest:

  • Windows Defender is when the HDD is under multithreaded load, one thread scanning files for malicious software.
  • Gaming emulates the typical load on the disk subsystem when the user is playing a video game.
  • Photo Gallery emulates loading of images from a photo gallery.
  • Vista Start Up emulates the disk subsystem load when booting up Windows Vista.
  • Movie Maker emulates video editing load.
  • Media Center. This is the load on the hard disk when the user is running Windows Media Center.
  • Media Player emulates the loading of files into Windows Media Player.
  • Application Loading shows the drive’s speed when loading popular applications.

Basing on these subtests, the drive’s overall performance rating is calculated.

We’ve got a new OS and a different load but the two drives from Western Digital do not want to leave the top of the podium. The Seagate takes third place now.

The two HDDs from Western Digital do not differ in terms of gaming performance. Both are good for games. The Seagate is far better than the Samsung which in its turn is but slightly better than the 5400rpm WD Caviar Green.

The WD Caviar Black is just what you need for managing photo galleries. The WD Caviar Blue is worse and comparable to the Seagate 7200.11. The Samsung F1 is no good in this test, being about as slow as the WD Caviar Green.

Western Digital’s Blue and Black drives cope better with booting the OS up than the others even if it is Windows Vista rather than XP. The Samsung shows the worst result for some reason.

We’ve got the same standings in the Movie Maker test. The Samsung’s firmware seems not to line the changes in the file processing mechanisms that occurred with the transition from Windows XP to Vista.

The tests change but the standings do not. The Media Center test produces the same picture as the previous tests.

The Samsung drive takes third place in the Media Player test. It should be noted that the Samsung, Seagate and WD Caviar Green have similar results, which is good for the latter model that is the quietest and most economical among the three.

The HDDs pass the Application Loading test just like in the previous versions of the benchmark. The only difference is that the Caviar Blue is almost as fast as the Caviar Black.

The final scores put the Caviar Black and Caviar Blue in first and second places, while the Samsung is barely ahead of the WD Caviar Green. This generation of Western Digital’s drives is obviously superior to their opponents.

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