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Performance in FC-Test (FAT32)

The last benchmark we are going to look at today is FC-Test checking the drives’ performance during file creation, read and copy. Please check out our article called X-bit labs Presents: FC-Test for Hard Disk Drives. And before we start the actual discussion, I would like to point out that we didn’t format the drives as two partitions of the same storage capacity, but simply created two 32GB partitions (in the beginning of the HDD) and ran all the tests within these partitions.

Well, Maxtor drives are beyond any competition during file creation. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised with: remember how fast these drives were in SequentialWrite pattern.

Hitachi HDD appeared the second fastest. It lost to WD only once, when we were creating files from the ISO set. If you remember WD drives love big files, while IBM/Hitachi drive simply hates them.

However as it comes to reading, Hitachi drive outperforms Maxtor in all file sets. And the latter in its turn is stably ahead of the WD drives.

During file copy within one partition Hitachi drive manages to win in three file sets out of five losing to the rivals only when the file size is pretty big. However, look at the advantage it demonstrates on small files! Excellent read ahead and lazy write algorithms show their best!

File copy to another partition doesn’t change the situation.

Maybe the shift to a different file system will affect the results?

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