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If your system case is not big enough for an additional hard disk drive or an optical drive, this article may be exactly about a product you are looking for. We are going to tell you today about an external USB 2.0 enclosure that may help you resolve this problem. We have already reviewed a couple of similar solutions in the past, so the today’s hero will not be studies carefully under the magnifying glass but will also be compared against the solutions tested previously.

Closer Look at Thermaltake Muse 5.25" (A2293)

The moment we removed the enclosure from the box we got a very pleasant impression of a solid well-made product. And the more we looked at it, the stronger this confidence got. There is every reason for this positive experience. The aluminum plates used for the enclosure case are thick enough and are very well finished. You can be absolutely sure that this device will stand any reasonable mechanical impacts and will protect the HDD or the optical drive installed into it. Here I would also like to say that we really liked the high-tech exterior design of this device: the developer really did a great job on the elegant lines and decorative elements that look very fashionable against the silver background of the casing. The overall design of the enclosure is very well-planned.

In order to ensure that the enclosure will sit firmly when positioned horizontally on the desk surface, there are four miniature “legs” made of rubber plastic. If you decided to set the device vertically in a special stand that goes with it, you will also find that it is equipped with pads that will prevent the stand from sliding along the desk surface. The front of the enclosure is covered with a panel that is as thick as the rest of the casing. When you need to install the storage device inside, you will first remove this panel by unscrewing two screws inside the enclosure.

There is a Power On button on the rear panel of the enclosure, the power supply connector and a USB port. There are also two sets of vent holes. Their size and amount will guarantee sufficient cooling even if there is no fan at all (the enclosure doesn’t have a fan by default thus ensuring silent operation of the drives installed in it).

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