KZ ZS10 Pro Review – Amazing IEMs for Pennies!

If you are the type of person that likes to listen to music on the go a lot, you might have noticed that the best experience while being out and about is most likely offered by in-ear buds. This is because not only do they whisper directly into your brain, they also form a tight seal around your ear canal not allowing other sounds to go through.

Usually, people buy some random 5$ in-ear buds and do care much about it, but what if we told you that only for 30$ you can buy a pair of IEMs that will often rival the sound and quality of 100+$ buds/headphones.

kz zs10 pro package

The IEM’s we are talking about are quite famous in the audiophile world and are of course the KZ ZS10 Pro. These have made a name for themselves around the world and today we will tell you why.

Sound Capabilities

The main reason you would buy these specific IEMs is of course the sound. Most budget in-ear monitors use one single dynamic driver and sound quite crumpled. The highs are squished with the mids, the vocals are all over the place and everything is most likely covered in muddy bass.

The KZ ZS10 Pro is special in that regard since it uses 4 balanced armatures and a double magnetic dynamic driver for each eartip. This hybrid technology allows for more separation of sound creating a higher quality experience.

The ZS10 Pros have a sensitivity of 111dB, an impedance rating of 30 Ohm, and a frequency of 7-40000Hz. What this means in general terms is that these headphones are quite good at reproducing sound and can be easily powered by your phone or computer without needing something like an Amp/DAC combo.

Overall the sound of the KZ IEMs is not perfect, you do not have super crisp highs or very heavy bass but the day-to-day performance of the ZS10 Pros is phenomenal. No matter what you will listen to it will sound good enough to get your groove on and will never truly disappoint you.

You have to remember that these in-ear monitors are only 30$ and the truth is that nothing in this price range can even touch their sound performance and quality (to do that you need to go into the 100+$ earbud category).

Build Quality

Another HUGE reason why nothing even scratches the value of the KZ ZS10 Pro in-ear headphones in their price range is the build quality. Just by taking a look at them you instantly get the impression that these headphones are definitely more than you would ever spend on buds, but then SURPRISE – they are only 30$!

The cable on the KZ headphones uses a professional scheme that is anti-pull and anti-bending while providing excellent signal transmission. The cable is also very soft and light and does not conduct any sound when rubbing against your clothes while listening to music.

kz zs10 pro jack

A cool feature on these headphones is that the cable near the ear tips ends with a hook which allows you to fix them over your ears for comfort when doing some physical exercises.

kz zs10 pro jack in

Moreover, the cable is also removable allowing you to change it if it ever breaks without getting rid of the actual buds!

kz zs10 pro jack out

The quality of the housing is also amazing with you being able to choose from 6063 aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel cases for your buds. The inside of the bud is transparent allowing you to see the internal components of the headphones.

kz zs10 pro back
kz zs10 pro inside

There are different colorways for the housings and options you can choose from therefore you can personalize your earbuds a bit more than usual.

Overall very high quality build that you would never expect from something that costs 30$.

Availability & Pricing

Another great thing about the KZ ZS10 Pro is that you can buy them from anywhere since the company has an official store on AliExpress. Besides the AliExpress store, there are also separate retailers like which means there is no way you will not be able to get this pair of IEMs in your hands.

The only downside to this fact is that usually AliExpress shipping is not the fastest and if you can’t buy them locally you will most likely wait for a month to receive your headphones.

Ignoring the long shipping, the truly surprising aspect of this product (as mentioned many times before) is the very low price of around 30$ for a very good experience. If instead of KZ these buds were produced by some bigger brand these would have cost 100+$ for sure.


There is really no reason not to consider buying the KZ ZS10 Pro if you do need a pair of IEMs to daily drive. These outshine the competition in every possible way and basically compete with other KZ buds in the same price range.

Because of how cheap these in-ear headphones are, even if you do not like them, giving them away to a good friend will not feel like you have been robbed, but in most cases that will not happen.

Overall a great deal and a superb pair of in-ear monitors that sound proper and are simply stunning to look at.

Review Summary

The KZ ZS10 Pro is an extremely good purchase since you are spending only 30$ but are getting heaps of value both in terms of build quality and sound. If you want a pair of decent in-ear headphones and do not know where to start looking, skip all the 10$ junk and just get the ZS10 Pros that compete with IEMs far above their asking price.

  • Sound Quality 7.0
  • Build Quality 9.5
  • Value 10


  • Very comfortable to wear with extra tips and hooks for the earpieces
  • Very high-quality cable and housing for the drivers
  • Multiple drivers for each earpiece
  • Removable cable
  • Good quality of sound
  • Very high-value proposition for your money


  • Might take a long time to get to you because of slow AliExpress shipping

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2 years ago

hey i like to know about the mic, does any one has te version with mic?