Logitech Z323 Vs. Z313 Speakers Comparison

There are a lot of speakers in Logitech’s product line. But the Logitech Z323 and the Logitech Z313 are some of the best budget computer speakers. The two pairs of speakers that we will be comparing today are the Logitech Z323 vs. Logitech Z313.

These speakers can go out of their way to justify the money that you spend on them, even despite of the fact that they are pretty cheap when compared to other speakers.

But don’t let the price fool you. When looking at these sets of speakers, we think that both of these sets are a great budget gaming speaker option as well!

Both of the sets come with some easy-to-use features as well as an amazing design that will suit a lot of audiophiles. But you can also find a lot of differences when you compare the Logitech z323 vs. z313. Read on and find out what some of the key features for both of these sets are.

Logitech Z323 Features and Specs

If you would like to go deep into a song, movie, game, or anything else that includes sound, then the Logitech Z323 is the budget speaker set for you! The one thing that sets the Logitech Z323 apart from its competition is the 360 2.1 surround sound that the speakers offer.

These speakers are able to get your room equally filled with your sound playing sound in all directions. This means that the end-user – you (and anyone else who’s in the same room), will get an amazing experience.

When you compare the Logitech Z313 vs. Logitech Z323, you’ll find out that these two sets of speakers are pretty similar to each other. The Z323 are a great set of speakers to choose from if you’re an audiophile on a budget.

They feature a great design with useful bottom rubber legs, which will grip on any surface and stop the speakers from moving. The subwoofer comes in a small package, but despite that, it packs quite some punch. It blew my mind for sure! A great feature that the Z323 has to offer is the ability to adjust the bass. It gives you a lot of versatility depending on the type of music that you’re listening at the moment.

What you get with the Logitech Z323

By going with these speakers, you will get an amazing 360-degree, 2.1 surround sound. The 30 watts (RMS) of power enable the speakers to generate an amazingly powerful and full-range sound.

The down-firing subwoofer that comes with the Z323 is able to produce ground-shaking rich bass. You can connect this set of speakers with anything that accepts a 3.5 mm audio jack. This is great because of the fact that it enables you to connect these speakers with just about everything that can play music. You can even use the 3.5 mm jack for a private listening session on your headphones.

The two drivers are able to produce 60 watts of peak power. This means that you can get a rich sound experience from the tweeters.

The right speaker offers you to easily access the volume controls and power on/off buttons. If you want to adjust the bass, you will have to use the knob located on the back of the subwoofer.

Logitech Z313 Features and Specs

When comparing the Logitech Z313 vs. Logitech Z323, we find it hard to decide which ones produce the better sound. But, one thing is for sure, they both will satisfy any person’s listening needs taking the price point into consideration.

Unlike the Z323, the Z313 has a control pod instead of the right speaker’s controls that come on the Logitech Z323. The Z313 comes with a convenient and compact subwoofer that can fit even in tight spaces. A great way to enjoy the full sound that this subwoofer produces is to just have it on the ground, below your setup.

When you compare the designs between the Logitech Z323 vs. Logitech Z313, you’ll notice that the Z313 has a bit sleeker design. But the sound that comes out of these is basically the same. The only thing that is worse with the Logitech Z313 vs. Logitech Z323 is the fact that this set lacks the surround sound that the Z323 offers. But, when you compare the Logitech Z313 with other speakers in this price range, you realize that they have an amazing and rich sound.

What you get with the Logitech Z313

With the Logitech Z313, you lose the 360-degree surround sound, but you still get a compact and a deep, and enhanced bass coming from the seemingly compact subwoofer.

You only get 50 watts peak power and 25 watts RMS power. But the Logitech Z313 are still capable of producing a full-range sound.

When you get the Logitech Z313, you are guaranteed to get a simple and straight forward setup. All you need to do is to connect the speakers with the device using the 3.5 mm cable that comes with them.

Everything you need is neatly packed in the box alongside the Logitech Z313. You will get the two drivers, the subwoofer, and the user information, user manuals, and leaflets.

Logitech Z323 vs. Logitech Z313

It doesn’t matter which speaker set you decide to go with. Both the Logitech Z313 and the Logitech Z323 are capable of producing an amazing sound experience.

Suppose you decide to go with the slightly newer Logitech Z323. In that case, you will get the surround sound that comes with it as well as amazing audio that allows you to stream music, videos, movies, etc.

If you decide to go with the Logitech Z313, on the other hand, you will get a convenient control pad, which allows you to set the volume on the go.

If you have any questions regarding both of these speaker sets, make sure to leave them in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to get back to each and every one of you!

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