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The exterior design of computer cases often seems to me a subtle and hard-to-grasp matter. Reading about the “stunning appearance” of a new system case, I often find myself wondering what is so stunning about this particular metallic box. Yes, it has a plastic (or, perhaps, aluminum) front panel with various shiny thingies, LEDs shimmering like a Christmas tree and a small LCD screen. What’s so stunning about all that? I sometimes wish I could perform a kind of a test by placing a few dozen different cases next to each other and asking the writer of such a description to find his model. Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but very few makers came up with something more than just a square front panel with a couple of decorations. Many users don’t mind this, actually. An ascetic and functional design is better than something that’s gaudy. Still, people want to indulge their aesthetic feelings, and the modding community is an example of that. Modders are ready to spend their time, money and effort to create something to please their feelings and to differ from typical computer cases. Indeed, even such inveterate fans of practical design like me cannot be indifferent when they see a system case designed like the WALL-E robot. But let’s be honest – few of us have the skills or desire necessary to create such a miracle with our own hands.

Sometimes you can actually come across a serially produced system case that is very different from others. I can recall the Antec Skeleton or the Lian-Li PC888 as examples. However, they are very, very few indeed, and therefore it is the more exciting to have an originally designed system case for a review. I will be talking about the GMC R4 Bulldozer in this article.

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