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About a year ago we tested a new processor cooler from Akasa called Venom. It left a very good overall impression but turned out pretty noisy. The new Venom Voodoo is a further development of that cooler model, but it has become even more efficient, quiet and universal, according to the manufacturer.

Our today’s article will show whether these expectations actually came true.

Packaging and Accessories

Akasa Venom Voodoo arrived in a traditional cardboard packaging with a plastic carry handle:

All the “extreme” peculiarities of the new product are listed on the front of the package. The sides and back of the box are completely covered with all sorts of extensive information about this cooler:


There are two flat boxes inside, which contain all bundled accessories and fans. There is a polyurethane foam casing beneath these flat boxes that securely holds the heatsink. This packaging is extremely reliable and can compare in quality to the packaging from Deep Cool.

The accessories bundle includes everything necessary for successfully installing Venom Voodoo:

  • Backplate and retention bracket for Intel platform;
  • Backplate and retention bracket for AMD platform;
  • Akasa Performance Compound 455 thermal paste;
  • Splitter cable for two four-pin fan connectors;
  • Installation manual.

The only thing I wasn’t particularly thrilled about in the accessories bundle was not the most efficient thermal paste with very modest 2.4 W/m*K heat conductivity, while Akasa has a much better thermal paste in their product range called Pro Grade+ 5022 with 4 W/m*K heat conductivity, which is still almost half of what the leaders in this field are currently offering.

The cooler is manufactured in China and comes at $60 MSRP.

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