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In the year of its 25th anniversary the North-American Antec Company is expanding and updating its product series. New and revised system cases, high-quality high-wattage PSUs and a wide range of multimedia components are but part of these changes.

Cooling systems haven’t been forgotten, either. The huge number of fans produced under the Antec brand has grown even higher with the release of the TrueQuiet model in 120x25mm and 140x25mm varieties whereas the CPU cooler range has been complemented with a compact liquid cooling system called KÜHLER H2O 620. I’m going to examine and test this product today.

Packaging and Accessories

The KÜHLER H2O 620 comes in a small cardboard box with a picture of the cooler on the face side.

The sides of the box offer detailed information about the product’s specs and individual components. There is even a comparative diagram indicating that Antec’s cooler is about 5°C more effective than “first-generation” liquid cooling systems.


It’s not clear to me what that first generation is supposed to be, though.

Inside the cardboard box there is another one with compartments for the components of the cooling system.

Included with the KÜHLER H2O 620 are two plastic back-plates, two sets of plastic tips, two retention frames, a couple of sticky stripes for the back-plates, a set of bushings and screws to fasten the water-block, a set of long and short screws with spacers to fasten the radiator and fan, and an installation manual.

The new liquid cooling system from Antec is manufactured in China. The recommended price is $69.95 and the warranty period is 3 years.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]


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