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About three years ago we tested cooling products from the Taiwanese Auras Technology Co., Ltd. back then we were most excited about the new Transformer (CTC-868) CPU cooler and a large and efficient Fridge (JES-988) VGA cooler. Judging by the coolers available on the company web-site today, Auras hasn’t really come up with anything new since then. But recently there appeared two new CPU coolers called Auras Shagon. The company considered these two models to be so interesting that they even created a separate site for them, which doesn’t yet work for some reason. However, our today’s review is ready and we are going to tell you everything about these two products.

Closer Look at Auras Shagon ARC-118

Both coolers have similarly designed packaging. The boxes differ only by the model name and technical specifications:


Despite the fact that on the way to us the boxes obviously went through some transportation ordeal (as you can tell by their looks), the coolers inside remained perfectly safe and intact. The accessories are neatly arranged at the top of the boxes:

The accessories are the same for both models and include a steel backplate, two sets of retention brackets, screws, bushes, installation guide and a pack of SilMORE thermal paste. Both coolers are made in China.

Just like the higher-end model, Auras Shagon ARC-118 boasts very modest exterior. Only the dark-burgundy fan impeller that matches the top plastic cover on the heatsink adds a little character to it:



The cooler is not too big and not too heavy. It is 139 mm tall, 101 mm wide and 88 mm deep and weighs only 460 grams (with the fan).

The heatsink consists of 37 aluminum plates 0.4 mm thick that are pressed onto the heatpipes at 2 mm distance from one another:


There are four copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter. They aren’t laid out linearly inside the heatsink, which is supposed to improve the heatsink cooling efficiency:

Heatpipes direct-touch technology called in Auras’ interpretation “Direct-Contact” has been implemented in Shagon ARC-118 in the simplest, even somewhat outdated manner: the heatpipes are pressed into the aluminum insert filling into the 2 mm gaps between them:

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