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Our regular readers already know that the German beQuiet! Company makes some of the best fans for cooling systems and system cases. That is why the moment they announced two new CPU coolers, Dark Rock Advanced C1 and Dark Rock PRO C1, all of us were really looking forward to the first test results, hoping the impeccable quality and ultimate attention to every little detail will definitely pay back here, too. However, things turned out not quite the way we expected them to. But let’s start from the very beginning here.

Closer look at Dark Rock Advanced C1

Dark Rock Advanced C1 cooler is the junior model in the beQuiet! CPU cooler lineup, although its size, price and ability to dissipate 180 watt of heat will hardly allow us to call it “junior”. The cooler ships in a tall black box made of thick cardboard bearing the cooler image and model name on the front panel of it:

The other sides of the box are also not empty. They list all the peculiarities and technical specifications of the cooler inside:


There is additional casing made of polyurethane foam inside the box, which holds the cooler. So, the cooler is very well protected against any possible transportation mishaps.

At the top of the box there is a smaller box with accessories:

Here you can find everything necessary for assembly and installation, including a pair of wire clips for attaching the fan and a little syringe with thermal paste. Dark Rock Advanced C1 is designed in Germany and this is also where it goes through meticulous quality control. But it is actually manufactured in China. This cooler comes with a three-year warranty and is priced at €59.90.

I have to admit that Dark Rock Advanced C1 looks superb:



Very solid nickel-plated heatsink with heatpipes, which tips are carefully covered with steel caps, black aluminum panel with the company name and a 120 mm fan with profiled blades – all go very well together. However, it is the quality of manufactured that simply leaves us speechless. I can’t find words to describe how good it is, you can truly feel it once you take the cooler into your own hands. It is built impeccably and in this respect Dark Rock Advanced C1 is absolutely perfect.

Well, let me get my emotions under control and proceed with the cooler design and functionality :) It measures 167x95x122 mm and weighs 1100 grams. The cooler heatsink consists of 44 aluminum plates, each 0.4 mm thick, which are spaced out at 2 mm from one another:


These plates sit on six copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter that go through the copper base covered with a piece of protective film:


We didn’t notice any traces of soldering or thermal glue anywhere on the heatsink, all the contact spots are very clean and neat, so it is impossible to tell how the heatpipes contact the heatsink plates without taking the whole thing apart.

The effective heatsink cooling surface is about 7,770cm2. Among the visible optimizations we should point out jagged shape of the heatsink side edges where the airflow enters the heatsink. Besides, the general shape of the heatsink is slightly concaved:

The heatpipes are arranged in staggered order inside the heatsink array, which will allow distributing the heat over the heatsink body more evenly:

The base is also very well made: heatpipes lie in special grooves, with about 1-1.2 mm between them and the thinnest part of the base plate measuring about 1.2 mm:

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