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Overclockers remember early spring of 2007 when Cooler Master released their GeminII CPU cooler. The size of this cooling solution amazed even experienced overclocking fans. This cooler used a copper base and 6 copper heatpipes holding a heatsink big enough for two 120-mm fans. However, this highly efficient cooler couldn’t fit on a number of mainboards, because of its dramatically large size. Moreover, the very first versions of this cooler didn’t use a backplate for LGA775 platforms, which also caused a lot of users’ complaints.

Cooler Master wanted to keep the efficient cooling of the around-the-socket area and CPU provided by GeminII in a more compatible solution. That is why they released a new cooler called GeminII S, where “S” must stand for the first letter of the word “Small”. So, we dare conclude that the new modified version of the GeminII cooler is of much smaller size than its elder brother. Besides, GeminII S has one heatpipe less and is bundled no only with a fan (there were no fans bundled with the GeminII cooler), but also with a backplate for LGA775 mainboards.

Our today’s article is going to dwell on this interesting cooler, its efficiency and acoustic characteristics.

Package and Accessories

Cooler Master GeminII S CPU cooler is shipped in a compact box made of thick cardboard. There is a large cooler photo on the front of the package together with a number of small pictograms indicating the CPUs it is compatible with:


The reverse side of the box lists cooler key features, installation options and has a special table with the cooling system technical specifications.

The cooler and accessories are sitting in special cardboard sections inside the box, which protects the cooler and accessories against any possible physical damage during transportation:

Cooler Master GeminII S comes bundled with everything necessary to install this cooler on any of the supported platforms and to expand its functionality:

Besides the cooler itself, you can also find the following components inside the box (from left to right and from top to bottom):

  • Steel retention plate for AMD K8 mainboards;
  • Two steel retention brackets for LGA775 mainboards;
  • Backplate for LGA775 mainboards;
  • A set of screws, plastic washers, rubber ring-pads, screw-nuts and a special wrench for them;
  • Cooler Master thermal compound;
  • Two metal railings for installing two fans on top of the cooler heatsink;
  • Assembly and installation manual in multiple languages.

Cooler Master GeminII S is a not a brand new cooling system (it was announced about 7 months ago) that is why it is already available for $39 dollars retail price. According to the info on the box, it is made in Taiwan.

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