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Three new CPU coolers that we are going to discuss today are very similar to one another because they all use tower heatsink design of similar structure, fans of the same size and type and boast a few other similar parameters. As for the major aspects, such as cooling efficiency, noise level, compatibility and price point, the new Cooler Master solutions and Cogage cooler differ dramatically. And while our regular readers are very well familiar with the first brand, the second one – Cogage – is a new name in this market. However, we can really call it a new name with a proviso, because Cogage is a daughter brand of the well-known Thermalright Company, which solutions are targeted for the budget market segment. “Thermalright for the masses” - this could be the slogan for Cogage products promotion. Remember, ASRock brand by ASUSTeK or TR brand by Thermltake. Well, let’s see how well one of the leaders in the cooling solutions market copes with this task.

Please meet Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, Cooler Master Hyper N620 and Cogage TRUE Spirit coolers.

Package and Accessories

Unlike our previous cooler reviews, we decided not to single out each cooler into an individual review section, but to compare them all the way side by side. I believe that this approach is more convenient for adequate comparison of cooling solutions with design of the same type and similar set of features, because it allows to find the distinguishing peculiarities of each cooler more easily. Hereinafter the coolers will be always lined up in the same order as they were listed above: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, Cooler Master Hyper N620 and Cogage TRUE Spirit.

The boxes of all coolers are made if thick cardboard. Cooler Master packaging is designed in the company’s traditional manner: purple-and-white colors with the cooler picture on the front of the box and the list of its technical specifications on the back. Cogage TRUE Spirit box has a window cut out in the front, which reveals almost the entire cooler heatsink:



Inside the cardboard package of the Cooler Master solutions there is a plastic blister molded to match the cooler shape and size exactly and protecting the cooler from any physical damages. Cogage cooler sits securely in a cardboard stand that also protects it very well during transportation.

The coolers are bundled with a full set of accessories necessary for cooler use with all contemporary platforms:


The sets are pretty typical, we discovered no unique components among the bundled items that is why we will not list all of them here again. All coolers are made in China. The recommended price for Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus is $29.99, Hyper N620 – $59.90, and Cogage TRUE Spirit – $39.85.

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