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Only a few months have passed since we tested a pretty successful V6000 graphics card cooler from Deepcool Industries Co., Ltd. And today they are already continuing their invasion into the VGA cooler market by launching the new product called Dracula. At the same time there also appears its clone, Alpenfoehn Peter with identical design and same characteristics. We are not going to try finding out which one of them is the original one (as they are most likely branded for different markets). Instead, we will take a real close look at the new Deepcool Dracula and its performance, especially since the 250 W heat dissipation promised in the official cooler specifications, look very promising. Let’s see if this is indeed the case.

Packaging and Accessories

Since we received the preproduction sample of the new Deepcool Dracula cooler, it arrived in a plain white cardboard packaging. However, we have a few images provided by the manufacturer at our disposal. Here is what its official packaging looks like:

I would like to add that the packaging that our Dracula sample arrived in was very sturdy and could undoubtedly protect the cooler and the fans against many possible transportation mishaps.

Besides the heatsink and the fans, the accessories bundled with the cooler included the following items:

  • Retention bracket and backplate for the system case back panel;
  • 18 tall aluminum heatsinks for the video memory chips;
  • 9 low-profile aluminum heatsinks for video memory chips;
  • 6 narrow aluminum heatsinks for graphics card VRM components;
  • A heatsink for AMD Radeon HD 6970/HD 6950 VRM;
  • Steel backplate with insulating padding;
  • Deepcool thermal paste;
  • Thermal glue for the heatsinks;
  • Two retention pads for the fans;
  • Deepcool sticker;
  • A set of retention screws, washers and screw-nuts and a special wrench for them;
  • Fan retention frame;
  • A mounting triangle or the fan frame;
  • Installation manual.

The following chart will help sort out all the Dracula accessories in logical order:

The cooler is manufactured in China. Its recommended retail price is $74.99 and it comes with 2-year warranty.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]


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