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Following our recent article about a very successful Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B top-cooler, we continue introducing to you inexpensive CPU coolers. Today we will talk about a relatively new Deepcool FROSTWIN:

Despite pretty low price, the new Deepcool product features a dual-array tower heatsink, two fans and heatpipe direct contact technology. On top of that Deepcool FROSTWIN comes with all types of retentions. Our today’s review will talk about the functionality, cooling efficiency and acoustic performance of this very attractive product.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

Packaging and Accessories

The white box made of thick cardboard features a convenient plastic carry-handle:

The key features of the cooler inside are marked with colorful icons on the front of the box. The sides of the package bear the cooler’s photograph, specifications, the list of supported socket and processor types, and a detailed dimensions layout:


The packaging is exceptionally well made and reliable. The cooler itself is secured with soft inserts inside the box, and all accessories are arranged at the bottom of the box. The bundle includes retention kits in marked sealed plastic bags (which is very convenient), manual and Deepcool Z9 thermal paste:

The cooler is made in China. Its recommended retail price is set at $35, while the average actual retail price varies around $40. Deepcool FROSTWIN comes with 1-year warranty.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]


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