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Who could have imagined that the Chinese Deepcool Industries Co., Ltd. has a total of six different coolers for graphics cards in their current product lineup? And even though some of them look really toy-like, even the leading makers can’t boast such a great variety of models in the segment. We have already reviewed one of Deepcool’s products before: it was V4000 that made a terrific impression back then. Our today’s review will be devoted to the most expensive and advanced VGA cooler from Deepcool – the V6000 model. In fact, V6000 cooler is the flagship solution currently offered by Deepcool that uses six copper heatpipes, even though they also have an exact same cooler using only four heatpipes that goes under the V4600 model name. Hopefully, we will be able to test it very soon, too, and now let’s meet our today’s hero – Deepcool V6000.

Package and Accessories

As always, Deepcool’s attention towards their packaging is truly impressive. What could possibly be special about a box, you probably wonder? But Deepcool makes sure it is special indeed. A medium-sized box boasts laconic white design:

The key features of the V6000 cooler inside are described with small icons on the top of the box, which has internal magnetic locks and can be unfolded open:

Here we find a ton of information. There is a complete list of compatible graphics accelerators and the specifications of the cooler in 13 different languages.

All components inside the box are protected with foam inserts. It may seem like a little thing, but it is extremely pleasing to see that the manufacturer cares about protecting their product properly:

The bundled accessories are arranged in a separate small box:

Here they are:

  • 16 tall aluminum heatsinks for the memory chips;
  • 8 low-profile aluminum heatsinks for memory chips;
  • 9 narrow aluminum heatsinks for VRM components;
  • A splitter for connecting the fans to the same power and monitoring connector;
  • Installation guide;
  • Deepcool thermal paste;
  • Steel retention brackets (two in the accessories box and two already installed onto the cooler);
  • Retention spring-screws with washers;
  • Six wire clips of two different types for the fans.

The cooler is made in China. Its MSRP is set at $54.90, which is quite a lot of a VGA cooler. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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