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The direct-touch technology has been employed in CPU coolers for as long as four years already. Over this time it has progressed from compact coolers with only three heat pipes placed 3 millimeters apart from each other to heavy dual-tower super-coolers with as many as five pipes. However, despite the lower manufacturing cost compared to coolers with the classic design of the base, direct-touch coolers do not dominate the market. Oddly enough, the direct touch technology itself is the Achilles' heel of such products.

As you know from our reviews, there are 1 to 3mm gaps between the heat pipes in the base of such coolers, including the Coolink Corator DS. These gaps prevent the cooler from taking heat off the CPU in a steady and uniform manner. This factor has become crucial with the rising popularity of multicore CPUs in home computers, so users of such systems often prefer classic CPU coolers.

The direct-touch technology keeps on developing, though. Today, I will review two identical coolers that feature an improved version of it. They do not have gaps between the heat pipes and they are called Swiftech Polaris 120 and EVGA Superclock.

Packaging and Accessories

The product boxes are identical in size and shape.


They are decorated differently and present product information in different ways.



The two products have the same accessories: an installation manual, a steel back-plate, sets of fasteners and spacers for all modern computing platforms, and two wire brackets to fasten a fan.

IceHammer’s thermal grease is included into the box, indicating the actual maker of the coolers’ heatsinks.

The coolers are both manufactured in China (most likely at the same factory). The warranty period is 1 year whereas the recommended price differs: $59.95 for the Swiftech Polaris 120 and $54.99 for the EVGA Superclock.

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