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Our regular readers should be already familiar with the solutions from the Dutch Nexus Company, because we have already introduced their cooling fans in our article called Be Cool: Ultimate 120/140 mm Fans Roundup. It turned out that in an effort to promote the quiet PC concept Nexus offers not only fans, but also complete processor coolers. In our opinion the cooling solutions of the same type including FLC-3000, XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 models are currently the most interesting in the company’s product range. So our today’s review will be focusing on them.

We can’t say that they are brand new at this moment, because they were launched under Nexus brand name in the end of 2008 and started selling in early 2009. Moreover, CoolJag Company has been manufacturing these particular models since 2007, although they were called differently back then: Falcon 92-Al and Falcon 92-Cu. However, Nexus doesn’t try to conceal the fact that their coolers are made by CoolJag, as there is corresponding mention on the cooler packaging and in the instruction manuals. Nexus only adds their branded fans to the coolers (although they are also originally made by Everflow). So, we are going to talk about these combination cooling solutions today in a little more detail (the coolers were provided to us by online store).

Packaging and Accessories

All coolers are packed in similarly shaped cardboard boxes with plastic carry handles. All of them have a cut-out window in the front, which allows you to see part of the cooler inside:


Inside the cardboard box there is a clear plastic blister with the cooler sealed inside. There is a small flat box with accessories next to it:

All three coolers come with the same accessories bundles. They are all made in China and feature three-year warranty. The coolers are pretty expensive: the recommended price for the Nexus FLC-3000 is $55, for Nexus XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 - $60 and $70 respectively.

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