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I am sure you know that the best air processor cooler available today is Thermalright Archon. Even though there are a few comments, such as about preferable use of a second fan or about its extreme height, which sometimes makes it incompatible with certain system cases, this cooler is still an undefeated performance champion. Of course, many famous and not very famous cooling products manufacturers do not wish to accept that and continue launching new coolers hoping to take the winner’s laurels away from Thermalright. However, none of them have succeeded so far, because despite its seemingly simple design, Archon combines many of the best features and is equipped with a very efficient and at the same time quiet fan.

Well, if you can’t make a better cooler, make an identical one! Of course, no one will say that the first processor cooler of the North American NZXT CorporationHavik 140 – is a clone of Thermalright Archon, but the similarities between them are undeniable, especially when it comes to the actual heatsink design. Besides, Havik 140 has a few very interesting distinguishing features and costs less. I wonder how efficient and noisy it will turn out to be compared to Archon. Will the newcomer be able to finally dethrone the formidable competitor? Answers to all these and many other questions are in our today’s review.

Packaging and Accessories

The new NZXT Havik 140 arrived in a cardboard box of average size with the cooler image on the front:

The side and back panels of the package aren’t empty either: there you can find the description of the cooler features, the list of technical specifications and supported processor socket types:


The packaging is exceptionally thorough. Each bundle component is sitting in its own polyurethane foam slot, and all the smaller accessories are neatly arranged in a small flat box:

Among them you will find everything necessary for quick and easy installation of the Havik 140 cooler on all contemporary platforms, as well as silicone mounts for two fans, thermal paste and installation instructions sheet:

Havik 140 was engineered in Los Angeles, California and manufactured in China. Its recommended retail price is one cent short of $70. The cooler comes with 1-year warranty.

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