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Half a year ago we tested three coolers from the recently established firm Raijintek and were pleased with their original design and highly attractive price/performance ratio. As we had anticipated, the company didn’t stop at making clones of other brands' products but has recently come up with a completely new cooler of their own. With its exterior, specs and price the Nemesis - that's the new cooler’s name – claims to be a top-end product or what overclockers have come to refer to as a "super-cooler". Today we'll check out if Raijintek has been successful in producing a true super-cooler.

Specifications and Recommended Price

The specifications of the CPU cooler Nemesis from Raijintek are listed in the following table:

Packaging and Accessories

The medium-sized cardboard box is quite eye-catching. We can see a picture of the cooler emerging out of a red glow on the front of the box.

The cooler's key features and detailed specs are listed on the sides of the box.

The mythical Nemesis is mentioned on the top of the box. More importantly, it is written that the cooler can dissipate up to 350 watts of heat and is designed for extreme overclockers with extremely hot CPUs.

The Nemesis comes with the same accessories as the Raijintek products we tested earlier, except that there are now as many as 12 silicone pins for attaching up to three fans to the heatsink.

The new cooler comes with a user manual from an older model but that's not a problem since the installation procedure is basically the same.

The cooling system was developed in Germany but is manufactured in China. The recommended price is €55-60 or $75. The warranty period is 1 year.

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