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The newest CPU cooler from the Japanese Scythe Co., Ltd. – Kabuto was first showcased at CeBIT 2009 and is yet another cooler with M.A.P.S. technology. This technology was first introduced in a well-known and very efficient Scythe Mugen 2 cooler. So, today we are going to talk about the new Kabuto. “Kabuto” in Japanese means “samurai helmet” that used to look like this:

There is even a Japanese saying: Katte kabuto no o o shimeyo ("Tighten the string of the kabuto after winning the war") that is interpreted as “don't lower your efforts after succeeding” and could be compared to “not to rest on one's laurels”. As we know, one can rest on laurels only after winning the victory, and our today’s article is going to reveal if Kabuto will  win it or not.

Package and Accessories

The new cooler is shipped in a small cardboard box with mostly red colors:

The first thing that caught my eye on the cooler package was the blue “Andy” logo. As I learned, it was first designed when they created Andy Samurai Master cooler and “Andy” is the short for “Andreas”, from the name of one of the company employees – Andreas Bunen. This is a very creative way of rewarding the contribution to the company’s well-being. Moreover, Scythe marketing team saw it as a great opportunity. Europeans are a rare sight for Japan that is why they have also placed a photo of their colleague on the box (these samples were only distributed in Japan). Now Andy is just as good a brand as Scythe, although it has its own independent life.

As usual, Scythe covered the box with all sorts of info about the new cooler, including the detailed technical specifications, description of employed technologies and list of compatible platforms:


By the way, the photo on the right with the airflow schematics seems to have the colors mixed up.

Besides the cooler, there are the following accessories inside the box:

  • Universal retention frame for the LGA775 and LGA1366 mainboards;
  • Retention for Socket 754/939/940/AM2(+)/AM3 mainboards;
  • Retention for Socket 478 mainboards;
  • Retention screws;
  • A 1g pack of SilMORE thermal compound;
  • Installation manual in several different languages.

Scythe Kabuto is made in Taiwan and its recommended price is set at $48.

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