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Back in spring 2005 the young Japanese Scythe Company introduced to computer enthusiasts their new NINJA cooler with outstanding cooling efficiency for an air-cooler in passive as well as in active mode. A little later they launched a slightly modified Scythe NINJA Plus bundled with a fan and featuring a new retention mechanism (revision B). After that Scythe decided to commemorate their 5-year anniversary by releasing the third modification of their legendary cooler – NINJA Copper that was almost completely made out of copper. And finally, this July they announced their fourth modification of the Japanese “samurai” – Scythe NINJA 2 (SCNJ-2000).

Our today’s review will discuss the features distinguishing the new modified cooler from its predecessors and look into its performance in passive and active operational modes.

Package and Accessories

The package for the new cooler is shaped exactly the same as that o the previous modifications. It is a vertically oriented cardboard box covered with all sorts of information in two languages:

The front of the box claims that the new NINJA 2 is 5% more efficient in passive mode and 15% more efficient n active mode than regular NINJA. Frankly speaking, these are not very impressive numbers, especially, since in most cases promises like that rarely come true.

Both sides of the box describe the cooler’s key features, list all compatible socket types and technical specifications of the new solution:


When you open the box, there is a fan at the top, then comes the heatsink and the accessories are packed into a smaller box at the bottom of the package:

Let me list them all from top to bottom and from left to right:

  • Cooler retention for LGA775 mainboards;
  • Cooler retention for Socket 478 mainboards;
  • Installation guide;
  • SilMORE thermal compound;
  • Cooler retention for Socket 754/939/940/AM2(+) mainboards;
  • Two wire clips for the fan;
  • Four retention screws.

That’s all you will get with version 2 of the Japanese samurai. Now let’s take a closer look at the cooler itself.

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