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“Orochi” in Japanese mythology means a snake-like creature with several heads (eight, to be more exact). There is a similar dragon in Russian folklore fairy-tales, too. However, The Russian monster belches smoke and fire and has nothing to do with cooling. However, Scythe marketing people decided it would be a good name for a CPU cooler of this enormous size.

Anyway, I am sure not the mythic dragons belch fire, and maybe there is something we don’t know about Japanese dragons. So, let’s leave myths and fairly-tales aside and check out this interesting product.


Package and Accessories

The Scythe Orochi package is exactly what is should be for a cooler of this size. It is large enough for a compact liquid-cooling system and is covered in all sorts of useful info:

There you can find cooler key features, the list of bundled accessories, technical specifications and a list of supported platforms:


In other words, everything that could have been written and posted on the package is there. The only thing missing to complete the cooler description is the benchmark results, however, it is good they are not there, because we wouldn’t believe these numbers anyway :)

The accessories bundled with Scythe Orochi are quite typical for the coolers from this Japanese manufacturer:

Among the included items there are:

  • Retention bracket for Socket 754/939/940 and Socket AM2 mainboards;
  • Retention bracket for Socket 478 and LGA 775 mainboards;
  • Two clips for Socket 478 and LGA 775 retention;
  • Backplate for Socket 478 and LGA 775 mainboards;
  • A set of screws and washer-pads;
  • Two wire clips for attaching the fan to the heatsink;
  • A 1g pack of SilMORE thermal compound;
  • Installation manual in four languages.

You can easily notice that the accessories bundle includes everything you might need for proper cooler installation and use. I wish they had included more wire clips for the fans, four instead of two, because it could have saved overclockers a few seconds of precious time trying to figure out how to attach a second fan.

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