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Just recently the Japanese Scythe Co., Ltd. introduced their Mine 2 CPU cooler for those who value super-efficiency, which we have recently tested and which made a great impression, despite a few small issues we pointed out. At the same time, Scythe also announced their new Susanoo (SCSO-1000) cooler – a totally monstrous solution in all aspects: size, weight, number of heatpipes and fans. It is really no joke, as Susanoo weighs more than 1.5 kg, which is an outstanding thing even for contemporary super-coolers. Moreover, it is 210 mm long and 210 mm wide, which is not only larger than any other cooler available today, but even larger than some compact system cases. “Susanoo” is the god of the sea and storms in Japanese mythology and this name suits perfectly for a cooling system. However, it is our goal to find out whether this product will indeed become the god of coolers.

Packaging and Accessories

The box is enormous, just like the cooler itself. It is of rectangular shape and is made of thick cardboard:

Unfortunately, the box took a serious blow on the way to us: one of the corners was pushed inwards and even the heatsinks fins got a bit shifted. However, we managed to fix that quickly and easily.

As for the box, it is designed following Scythe’s best traditions: it bears maximum of info on all of its sides:


The bundled accessories are exactly the same as those of the recently reviewed Mine 2:

The only difference is the included additional plastic retention stands for securing the mainboard with the cooler inside the system case, because with a cooler of that size it is very tricky to tighten the regular retention screws beneath the large heatsink.

Susanoo cooler is made in Taiwan. Its recommended retail price is $95. In other words, it is not only the largest and heaviest Scythe cooler, but also the most expensive one. It comes with two-year warranty.

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