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In our previous article dedicated to processor coolers we discussed two new products that couldn’t become the leaders even in their categories, not to mention become absolute winners in the competition against the existing highly efficient coolers. The products we are going to talk about today are highly ambitious and are ready to fight for the super-cooler title. However, they both use different approaches. The first cooler, Sunbeamtech Twister 120, bets on two carefully selected fans, while the second cooler, ZEROtherm ZT-10D, bets on a powerful heatsink built around six heatpipes with 8 mm diameter. At the same time, the new coolers are priced very similarly. So, our today’s test session is going to reveal, which approach works better.

Sunbeamtech Twister 120

If any of you believe that Sunbeamtech Company is a newcomer in the cooling market, they are seriously mistaken, because they were the inventors of such great products as the legendary Tuniq Tower 120, the still current Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, Tuniq Propeller 120 and the latest Twister 120.

The cooler ships in a sturdy cardboard box with an additional decorative slip-cover put over it. The second slip-cover is covered with all sorts of info about the cooler, and photographs of the cooler with the fans:


The cooler specifications, as well as the technical specs of its fans and thermal paste are listed on one of the sides. By the way, Sunbeamtech Twister 120 is shipped with very efficient and pretty expensive Tuniq TX-4 thermal paste. Besides the paste, the accessories kit includes a backplate, screws, nuts and washers, rotation speed variator on a back panel bracket and an installation guide:

The cooler is made in China and is priced at about $40 in retail.

Sunbeamtech Twister 120 is a tower cooler measuring 125x116x151 mm. Its distinguishing feature is the use of two 120 mm fans installed according to ISO-Turbo technology principles:



This sophisticated name in reality implies that the fans rotate in different directions:

In other words, the first fan that sucks the air into the heatsink rotates clockwise, while the second fan blowing the air out – counterclockwise. According to Sumbeamtech engineers this creates higher airflow concentration on heatsink fins and heatpipes, and as a result improves the overall cooling efficiency of the system.

The rotation speed of the fans based on fluid dynamic bearings with 50,000 hours MTBF can be adjusted in two ways, but only for both fans synchronously. Using the rotation speed variator included with the cooler, you can set the desired rotation speed manually, or have it adjusted automatically in the interval between 1000 and 2000 RPM using pulse-width modulation approach. The maximum airflow is claimed to be at impressive 90.65 CFM, while the noise level is obviously claimed to be too low – 20 dBA.

The fans are attached to the heatsink with eight anti-vibration silicone mounts, which are inserted into special slits in the heatsink:


Other than that, Twister 120 seems to be pretty ordinary against the background of similar cooling solutions. Moreover, since it has only three 8 mm heatpipes and features a relatively small heatsink, it can be considered more of a mainstream product, than a super cooler, despite Sunbeamtech’s positioning.

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